I’ve been coaching weightlifting since 1969.  I attended my first meet in 1962.  Since that time I’ve read a great many documents about the training of weightlifters, and I’ve applied that information well enough to produce 36 National Qualifiers, several World Team Members, an Olympian and two American record holders.  Along the way I’ve written hundreds of articles, a book on programming and made dozens of presentations on proper technique and training.

I’d like to make my body of work available to the truly intrigued and to that end I shall soon be posting my work in a new continuity site. 

Site membership will entitle you to a monthly webinar, one to two Q & A sessions and access to the site which will eventually house all of the upcoming webinars, all my previous webinars, all my articles, and all my training programs—literally hundreds of informative items. 

I tried an e-mail campaign in March to entice membership, but a lot of my readership objected to the language and several opted to leave my list.  Well, I’ve re-written the copy and will launch the campaign anew in May.  If you’re on our newsletter list, you’ll be getting the e-mails.  If you’re not or you opted out and would like another opportunity to access all of this tremendously valuable information you can do so by clicking on the Subscribe link at the lower left of the Takano Weightlifting page in Facebook.  Fill it out, click Submit and you’ll be e-mailed.  Subscribers will also gain access to a free video course that teaches technique, remediation and programming. 

This continuity site is going to be an exceptional, unmatched value for those truly dedicated to learning everything they can about participating in or coaching weightlifting.