Now What?

You’ve got a real interest in coaching weightlifting, not just because it’s the latest hot item, but because you’re really addicted and you’d love to help your clients or team mates get better at performing the movements.  You’ve done your due diligence and taken the USAW L1 and L2 courses and maybe the Crossfit Oly Cert.  You’ve maybe even taken some other weekend courses and you’ve learned quite a bit but you’re still a little unsteady about how to proceed forward when you’re actually in charge of teaching a complete newby. 

Well, I’ve got a solution for you!

Just Like Other Skilled Professions

In any other skilled trade you’re required to spend some supervised time applying what you’ve learned in course work before you can consider yourself a qualified practitioner.  In other words an internship.  So how do you do that?

It’s been four years now that we’ve been offering the Takano Weightlifting internship to qualified applicants.  During that time 50 coaches have spent time at our gym, working with lifters of varied skill levels, learning how to start newcomers, how to identify problems, how to remediate them and how to keep lifting progress moving beyond the beginner stage. 

All of this takes place under the supervision of myself and my assistant, Toby Skinner. 

·       You’ll get to start off by watching us work with the wide variety of athletes training in our gym.  You’ll watch us diagnose problems and then learn which exercises to apply to solve those problems. 

·       You’ll learn how programming works. 

·       You’ll learn how not to overcoach.

·       You’ll understand how various remedial exercises fix specific problems and when not to use them. 

All of this will be taking place over a 100 hour internship in our gym where we do nothing but weightlifting coaching and strength and conditioning. 

So The Next Step is

Just follow this link:

You can read more, learn more and apply for inclusion to our internship program. 

It’s what you need if you want to fully develop your coaching skills.