Literally thousands of people have taken and passed the USAW Sports Performance Coach/Club Coach course.  The course is taken for a variety of reasons, with many of the coaches not committed to coaching the sport of weightlifting.  Some of them are prospective strength and conditioning coaches hoping to strengthen their resumes, while others are from Crossfit and are intent on improving their coaching skills.  On the other hand, many of you have become fascinated with the sport and would like to further enhance your coaching knowledge and skills. 

Moreover you might harbor thoughts of eventually moving up the coaching ladder and someday managing the performances of one of our national teams at international events. 

While the Sports Performance/Club Coach course focuses on the proper coaching and teaching of technique, rudimentary program design and safety issues, the Advanced Sports Performance Coach/National Coach course goes into much more detailed content regarding the science behind athlete preparation and the implementation of coaching knowledge.  There are plenty of courses out there that deal with coaching education in a very superficial manner, but this course isn’t one of them.  If you’ve maintained thoughts of advancing forward in your weightlifting coaching career, you need to take this course taught by one of the knowledgeable teaching staff members from USAW.  It will change the way you approach and think about coaching, and provide you with tools to help your athletes succeed on a consistent basis.

I’ll be teaching this course for the first time at our top level dedicated weightlifting facility in Woodland Hills, CA over the August 13, 14 weekend.  If you’ve had any ambitions about furthering your weightlifting coaching career, this course could be the one that sets you on the pathway to coaching success.  Not only will I be bringing you so much more experience than many other instructors bring to the course, the enrollment will include some of my interns who can share with you their coaching experiences as well.  We are limiting enrollment to 20 so that class size will not be the limiting factor in your educational experience.  Sign-up today at