For several years I’ve been presenting what I feel is a well rounded introductory course for weightlifters and their coaches.  It’s been featured at 15 different Crossfit boxes around the U.S. and 9 different Crossfit boxes and weightlifting gyms in Australia as well as four different presentations in Brazil. 

Since then the weightlifting audience has become more sophisticated and people are now seeking more in-depth knowledge. 

To accommodate this growing interest I’ve expanded the course into a two day event to provide even more valuable content.  The breakout of the new course is going to take place on June 4th and 5th at Crossfit Francos/Redline Athletics in Mandeville, Louisiana thanks to the leadership of Jonathan Teague. 

I’ve kept all the best features of the original course and added some valuable new material that should provide a big boost to lifters and coaches. 

But time is winding down and there are only a few spots left!  Don’t be left out.  I’ve got 3 of my former interns helping out so you’ll have a lot of experienced coaching eyes watching you during the hands-on sessions of which there will be several.  You can sign-up today at


See you in Louisiana!