Hello to all you Club Volleyball Players, Coaches and Supporters

I know you’re all excited about your upcoming club season and you’re looking forward to a championship year. 

Every year volleyball is becoming more and more competitive with the standard of play and performance always being raised.  You may be wondering what can be done to improve individual performance, enhance athleticism, avoid injury and heighten your value to your team.  What can be done to make your play stand out to other players and college coaches?

As we move toward the future of volleyball, it’s important to realize that there are limits to how much a player can improve simply by perfecting skills and playing the game.  The top university and international players are doing much more than simply playing and practicing.  The majority are involved in well designed strength and conditioning programs geared toward improving the athletic qualities so highly valued by volleyball coaches.

My name is Bob Takano and I’ve been followed this trend for the last 24 years as a volleyball strength and conditioning coach.  I’ve been developing high school and club players to play at their very best over this period and 20 of them have earned Division 1 Athletic Scholarships.  Furthermore none of them have ever experienced an ACL injury while training with me.  The reason for this is that proper strength and conditioning training will improve the overall athleticism, strength and durability of the athlete.  Properly weight trained athletes can hit harder, jump higher, run faster and play close to 100% of their abilities at the end of a long match. 

Once again I am offering a strength and conditioning program for club volleyball players at our dedicated training facility in Woodland Hills.  We will be meeting at 4 PM on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays throughout the club season.  This is a great opportunity to learn the proper training techniques used by today’s top players and to get a step ahead of your competitors.  Start training today.  You can sign-up at www.takanoweightlifting/volleyball.