I frequently see the postings online of people who’ve been presented with a bit of weightlifting and are now hooked.  All they want to do is snatch, clean and jerk.  In many cases their gyms don’t offer enough lifting sessions, enough quality coaching and instruction or have gone out of business.  These folks want to lift more often, more weight and train harder with better coaching.  What to do?

For those who would like to avidly pursue their weightlifting dreams and answer the question, “How much can I lift?”  the solution is to join a dedicated weightlifting team that trains on the best equipment and follows a championship protocol.  That’s what we offer at Takano Weightlifting.  My coaching experience spans four decades and the resume includes coaching in the Olympic Games and the world championships.  35 of my athletes have competed at nationals, and the best of those have won gold and set national records.  Why take chances with your lifting future?  There is no time to waste and you are the one who will benefit the most. 

Join us if you’d like to see your weightlifting dreams come true!

- Coach Bob Takano