More Details About LWC Weightlifting Leagues

I am proposing 3 leagues, but that, like everything else in this proposal, is open to modification. There should be a commissioner for each league and if possible a record keeper as there will be a lot of documentation that must take place.

Each commissioner is responsible for selling the concept to the clubs and securing an agreement to participate. Each must set up a schedule and determine who the host clubs will be.

The three commissioners and the LWC governing board should establish the ceiling totals for the two lowest leagues.

The Advanced league calendar should be set up first based on the national calendar. The LWC championships date should be established in relationship to the Regionals, American Open and Nationals, depending on the quality of lifters in the Advanced League. A high powered elite program might be most concerned with the Nationals.

By the way the LWC championships can be set up in any format that works best for the LWC. Many LWC’s set up their championships to determine the best open, youth, junior and master lifters in each bodyweight class. This is not the only way, however. Keep that in mind.

There should be a meeting between the three commissioners and the constituent clubs to determine the meet schedules, the host clubs and the ceiling totals for each league. In some cases the league meets can be combined or mixed in with other events. For example a beginner league competition could be combined with an open or a legacy event. Creative solutions are certainly welcome.

The important thing is to develop interest in the league competition so that at the culmination of the league championship, team standings can be determined, league champions can be crowned and other awards such as outstanding lifter or most improved lifter or top coach can be presented. This type of program will keep athletes training, and will develop friendly rivalries between teams. The management of the program and the cultural leadership of the commissioners will be keys to the success.

I feel that the basic plan allows for a great deal of individual adjustment, but it will serve the important purpose of maintaining long term interest in the sport. We are now in a situation where the sport can move forward but it will depend on whether weightlifting clubs can survive as businesses. A scheme that encourages long term participation will go a long ways toward this goal.