Takano Weightlifting offers the best coaching of weightlifting along with Coach education and Internship opportunities under USAW Hall of Fame Coach - Bob Takano.  if you are serious about learning from the best to become the best,  look no further.




The Takano Weightlifting Internship is the answer to an ever growing demand for coaching education beyond the traditional weekend seminar or course.  It has been designed to provide the intern with the experiences and tools to begin a career as a weightlifting coach through a process that is unavailable anywhere else in the U.S.A. 

Selected interns will have the opportunity to teach and coach weightlifting under the direct supervision of USA Weightlifting Hall of Fame coach Bob Takano. 

These activities will take place in the Takano Weightlifting HQ, a facility dedicated to competitive weightlifting, strength and conditioning and coaching education.  While other facilities might offer the same equipment, or similar coaching opportunities, it is the wealth of coaching experience that Bob brings to the experience that sets it apart from other coaching education experiences.

Interns will be expected to spend eight or more hours per week (up to a total of 100 hours overall) teaching classes of beginning and intermediate athletes and coaching weightlifters toward an end goal of coaching them in competition. 

As a final requirement interns must pass an examination on program planning in order to receive a certificate of completion. 

Read more about the Internship HERE.

"The Takano Athletics Coaching Education Internship is one of the most concise and comprehensive internships offered. Whether you are an aspiring Weightlifting coach or a seasoned coach, if you are serious about your development, this Internship is second to none. The Takano Athletics Internship not only gave me the knowledge and confidence to open the first Weightlifting gym in my area, but also develop my athletes to successful careers in Weightlifting. I owe a huge THANK YOU to Coach Bob Takano for putting together such a phenomenal Internship which set me up for success." - Clancy Benton / CTBAthletics



There are 5 steps to the application and selection process.

  1. Download /Email completed application to rob@takanoathletics.com (download application below)
  2. Oral interview (in person, phone, or skype).
  3. Background, goals and character references check.
  4. Internship fee payment. (Info/Link to pay fee below)
  5. Notice of acceptance + Schedule / Confirmation of the start date.

All of these factors will be taken into consideration before an intern is selected.  There will be a limited number of internships available at any given time.


EMAIL COMPLETED APPLICATION TO rob@takanoathletics.com




$399.00. You must make payment to confirm and secure your spot/start date. To pay on-line now - https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=163914&stype=43&prodid=10120