Takano Weightlifting is very proud and excited to announce our Affiliation program. As a Takano Weightlifting Affiliate you will distinguish yourself in the market as a legitimate weightlifting gym providing top tier programming and coaching aimed at the highest standards created by Coach Takano.   The affiliation also  gives you access to the needed tools and business system developed and used by Takano Weightlifting HQ to successfully start and take your gym to the next level.  


The journey has been a long one.  It began as a not so stellar athlete and morphed into a more celebrated career as a coach.  The experience gained through coaching a number of top-ranked lifters has been combined with the tools developed from a forty year academic teaching career.  That combination has been put to good use teaching the performance and programming of the snatch and clean & jerk to audiences in the United States, Australia, Brazil, Iceland and Japan.  What has taken place is a gradual widening of efforts to discover more about the sport and benefits of weightlifting and to make that information available to more people. 
The next step is part of the logical progression. 
By establishing a network of affiliates, educating the coaching staffs at those affiliate gyms and encouraging the proper protocols for coaching the sport, my hope is that more and more enthusiasts will be exposed to the most effective methods for weightlifting development.  We are therefore establishing an affiliate program through which gym owners can operate a weightlifting club program that coaches athletes with the best methods available.  The affiliation will regularly provide programming information and guidelines for training while requiring standards for facilities and equipment.  The goal is quite simply to establish a network of weightlifting gyms that will provide quality coaching and training for weightlifting athletes and enthusiasts.  The overarching concept is to raise the quality of weightlifting and coaching overall.
- Bob Takano.



Once you are approved as an Affiliate, you will receive everything you need to implement a weightlifting program from day 1.

  • Daily programming for beginner, intermediate, and advanced classes programmed by Coach Takano plus a template / education to develop programs on your own.
  • Geographical territory of 10 mile radius.
  • On-going Coaching certification and coaching conferences conducted by Coach Takano and free Internship spots for your coaches at Takano Weightlifting HQ in Woodland Hills, CA.
  • Comprehensive weightlifting seminar material for you to market and conduct your own seminars (our current 12 course series) for addition revenue stream.
  • A "how to" guide on successfully conducting a weightlifting meet.
  • Access to all HQ marketing materials (editable, graphics, flyers, etc).
  • Rights to use the name "Takano Weightlifting" within your business name.
  • 5 hour initial one-on-one consultation regarding training and/or business.



  • You must employe at least one Takano Weightlifting certified Coach.  If you do not have one now, you can still apply and be approved with a coach scheduled and confirmed to attend either our 2-day certification seminar or our internship program..
  • Your gym must offer dedicated Olympic weightlifting training in line with Takano Weightlifting philosophy and methodology.
  • Your gym must provide adequate training times in the schedule to allow dedicated weightlifting training.
  • You must have enough lifting platforms, bars, bumpers plates, and squat racks to accommodate the number of lifters regularly training.
  • Your weights must be in kilograms.
  • Your location must not be within a 10 mile proximity of another Takano Weightlifting Affiliate. 



  • First 20 affiliates at $750 yearly.  $1500 thereafter.


Please fill out the application in the next section. Once your application has been approved, we will send you the affiliation agreement via email including payment instructions.  Once the agreement is accepted by both parties and the $1500 payment is collected, you will receive and official notification of the affiliation.



Please fill out the application to the best of your ability. The application will not be sent unless all the required fields are filled in. If certain information is not available as of yet, enter in NA or a short explanation of why the info is missing along with a full explanation at the bottom field.

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Applicant name
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I hereby acknowledges and agrees that this application is being submitted to the Takano Athletics LLC for preliminary consideration of entering into an affiliate relationship with the Takano Athletics LLC. Submission of this application does not automatically grant applicant any rights as an affiliate until such time as a separate agreement is signed between all parties specifying the terms and conditions of an affiliate relationship. *